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Is there a difference between “fat loss” and “weight loss”? Many people set out to lose weight but really their ultimate goal is to lose body fat.
Far too often these phrases are used interchangeably when there are key distinctions.
What is Weight Loss? Fat Loss?

Let’s take a quick look at their meanings. Weight loss in its simplest form means a voluntary (changing eating habits, crash diet) or involuntary (illness) decrease in body weight. This can involve the loss of water, fat, or muscle. Fat loss, on the other hand, refers to the decrease in fat stored in our body, under our skin, and in our muscles.

Building muscle is vital to losing body fat or fat loss, as it contains the “fat burning” power necessarily achieve sustained fat loss, and the ultimate goal of weight loss. Unfortunately, many people unknowingly end up losing muscle during the weight loss journey, which actually hinders the loss of fat. At the very lowest level, it is vital to gain and maintain muscle mass in order to zap and keep body fat at bay. Attachments area