HAIR TRANSPLANT is the only method to regain hair that is your own permanently.
Hows ?
We use back of scalp to harvest the hair follicles or grafts.
Good candidate for hair transplant ?
A good candidate for the hair transplant surgery is therefore a patient who has decent density at back of scalp.
Hair Transplant Surgery........
The technique of hair transplant was developed in the mid 1950s. Women as well as men can have successful hair transplantation. Before procedure is scheduled the doctor & surgical staff meet with you to talk about your personal goals and outline the best possible program for you once you have decided on hair transplant. Please call us at least two week prior to your surgery .To set up your surgical date, a preoperative appointment should be made at that time & we will give you one pre-operative & post-operative instructions & draw blood for lab. Work & give needed prescriptions.
Will it Hurt ?
No. With the smaller graft there is virtually no pain during the procedure. This is all done under local anesthesia & tumescent which make it a painless & bloodless procedure .patients are always pleasantly surprised. The patient can return to work the next day.
How long will it take to have a full head of hair ?
The minimal amount of time is 6-8months. Transplanted grafts will shed before re-growing in 8-12 weeks.
What is the average age of your hair transplant Patients $ What Type of patients do you see
The average age is 30 to 50 yrs. Old. We don't like to start any patient younger than 25yrs. Of age because their hair line has not receded to a degree that we can predict how much they will need.
How long will the hair ?
The donor hair is taken from an area of the scalp that is genetically programmed not to lose its hair. As long as you follow our post-operative care programme & don't let the graft get infected in first few weeks, the follicle will grow forever.
After how much time i will have hair ?
The hair graft goes into a dormant stage for first 3months but then grow about 1/3 of an inch per month. If you have session 4 months apart, you should have good hair coverage in one year.
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